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WARN winches for various purposes

The WARN company was founded in the USA in 1948. Since then, WARN has developed, produced and sold off-road equipment and accessories and is known worldwide for its winches. Whether it's an inexpensive entry-level winch or a high-performance winch with extras; WARN has the right winch for every application.

We offer WARN winches for industrial use: 12V+24 electric winches and hydraulic winches with the corresponding accessories.

  • WARN hydraulic winches are considered extremely robust and reliable due to their workmanship and the use of the well-known PARKER hydraulic motors. Gear wheels made of hardened steel, planetary gears and a fast rope speed characterise these winches. In addition, WARN convinces through constant new developments.

  • WARN electric winches are suitable for vehicles without standard hydraulic equipment. Special features include hardened steel gears, a planetary gearbox, a large drum diameter that prevents kinking of the steel cable and the automatic, self-locking disc brake. A weatherproof contactor block instead of conventional control relays and silver-plated contact bridges for high switching currents set this series apart from many other suppliers.

We offer industrial winches with hydraulic and electric drive with pulling loads from 4000kg to 8150kg.


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