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Innovative push rod system solution - A collaboration between DWL Baumaschinen AG and Paul Forrer AG

Together with DWL Baumaschinen AG, Paul Forrer AG has fine-tuned a new overall solution for directional pressing equipment in the trenchless house connection sector. Strengthened by many years of experience and innovative engineering, we are proud to present a novelty today.

P12 steerable rod pusher

P12 steerable rod pusher

The P12 rod pusher is a proprietary development of DWL Baumaschinen AG and was realized in an industry-wide unique design. Due to the individually manufactured carbon cylinders, supplied by Paul Forrer AG, the device weighs 42 kg, which is only half as much as comparable devices on the market - and this with the same performance.



The necessary drive power is provided by the specially designed battery-powered hydraulic power pack "E-Powerpack". Consisting of a 48V Vanguard lithium battery and an I&W electric motor, the peak power is 9kW. The non-existent pollutants and greatly reduced noise emissions greatly favor its use in residential neighborhoods or other noise-sensitive zones, highlighting the electric tones in the future music of construction in the home connection area. Integrated in the PowerPack are also a special valve circuit and the control setup entirely according to customer requirements.

The battery life was also convincing in the test: with just one battery charge, directional pressing and core drilling could be carried out over an entire day without any problems.

Paul Forrer AG has already supplied various solutions for DWL Baumaschinen AG's own developments. We would like to thank them for the good cooperation and are looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

In the attached video you can see the complete solution in operation.


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