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Walterscheid® Connected Service

The System for easy maintenance and organisation of drive shafts and machines in agriculture!

Farmers and contractors use a wide range of machines and implements, which are often also equipped with different PTO shafts. This does not always make it easy to keep track of maintenance requirements and suitable spare parts – but this information is a prerequisite for long service life and high operational reliability!

The Walterscheid PTO shafts are successively being marked with a new QR code (Walterscheid Connected Service ID), via which they can be quickly and clearly registered and identified. The reliable recognition of PTO shaft size and type not only facilitates timely and correct maintenance in everyday practice, but also the replacement of PTO shaft spare parts. In addition, all maintenance work carried out for each individual PTO shaft is documented in a digital checkbook.

The Walterscheid Connected Service Counter is a retrofittable sensor solution for recording operating hours for all agricultural machines driven by Walterscheid PTO shafts. The WCS Counter thus offers maximum flexibility for retrofitting on all PTO drive shafts, regardless of the age, manufacturer or type of machine. This means that the entire fleet can be retrofitted with the system, so that the machine operating hours can be precisely recorded and the maintenance can be optimally carried out for all machines.

The Counter can be attached to the guard tube of a PTO shaft in a few simple steps and records the operation hours of the machine and the PTO shaft contactless. The battery-operated radio system records the actual operating time of the machine in motion as well as the operating time of the PTO shaft and transmits this information via Bluetooth® to mobile devices in the surrounding on which the WCS Assistant is installed. The operating hours thus provided are recorded by the smartphone and made available to all employees in the WCS Assistant app.

The Feautures of the WCS Counter in detail:

  • Minute-by-minute recording of the time that the machine is in motion

  • Minute-by-minute recording of the time the drive shaft is in motion

  • Early warning for the maintenance intervals of the drive shafts

  • Freely configurable maintenance intervals for machines of all types

  • Flexible mounting on PTO drive shafts of different types and sizes

  • Easy retrofitting of the sensor on existing PTO drive shafts possible

  • Robust design for continuous operation on agricultural PTO shafts

The WCS Assistant app makes instructions for maintenance and repair work available on the smartphone at any time and for each PTO shaft. In addition, all maintenance work carried out for each individual PTO shaft is documented in a digital checkbook.

Download the Walterscheid Connected Service App now and enjoy the benefits!

The Features of the WCS Assistant in detail:

  • Automatic query of the operating hours of the WCS Counter via Bluetooth®.

  • Identification of Walterscheid drive shafts via ID-scan

  • Automatic push notification when maintenance is due

  • Digital documentation of the complete machine maintenance

  • Sending requests to service partners

  • Management of employees, machines, drive shafts and components

Clear advantages:

  • Time saving in daily maintenance work

  • Increased lifetime of the drive shafts

  • Considerable savings on lubricants

  • Automatic recording of operating hours (WCS Counter)

  • Easy identification via QR code (WCS ID)

  • Documentation in a digital checkbook (WCS Assistant)

Added value for practice:

The WCS offers comprehensive product information directly on your smartphone. You have access to all relevant data on your machinery and cardan shafts at all times. The simple identification of components makes replacement and exchange processes much easier.

An optimised maintenance strategy saves you time during daily maintenance and extends the service life of your machines at the same time. A digital checkbook enables clear documentation of maintenance work carried out.

Thanks to synchronisation between several employees and roles on the farm, teamwork is made easier and more efficient. In addition, the solution contributes to a significant reduction in lubricant consumption, which not only protects the environment but also cuts costs.

In the video you can see the added value of WCS based on a user example.

The Walterscheid® Connected Service Counter is available for you in our online shop.


Would you like to find out more about the manufacturer and its product range? Then we recommend you visit the Walterscheid website.


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