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70 years Paul Forrer

In November, Paul Forrer AG celebrates its 70th anniversary. Since the company was founded, the conviction that people make the difference has been central. Long-term cooperation, from which everyone involved can benefit, is based on the trust that develops between people.

The continuous development of Paul Forrer AG

The founding father sold tree sprayers - today the company is a leading Swiss supplier of hydraulics, drive technology and power tools for agricultural and forestry technology, construction machinery and municipal and commercial vehicles. Products and services have been systematically developed over the company's long history. However, the company values and commitment to entrepreneurship have hardly changed. Employees, customers and suppliers are a symbiosis that ultimately makes up the company's success.

Even though many products and services have evolved considerably over the years, the vision of founder Paul Forrer remains unchanged for employees, customers and suppliers. Since the company was founded, Paul Forrer AG has been convinced that people make the difference and are also the key to success. This includes the further development of products and services together with customers, but also the training and further education of employees.

70 years of company history is a long journey consisting of many stages. The most important milestones are shown in the following video:

Digital transformation and customer proximity

In a knowledge society, progress can only be made if this knowledge is taken care of. Technical courses for all target groups, forrerSupport - a service for customers covering all aspects of technical principles and available products, and the conscious transfer of knowledge to the market via the informative website are therefore important elements of the company philosophy. Peter Furrer, Managing Director, confirms: "The interaction between committed and enthusiastic employees and customers and suppliers has always been a guarantee of success for our business model."

Digitalization to simplify processes and services, agility in the rapid implementation of customer needs and the identification of trends and developments are among the daily challenges that Paul Forrer AG faces as a traditional SME. 70 years with similar values, with the main focus on putting people at the center, are an obligation to continue to give these goals the highest priority in the future.

Leaps in time and experience: an imaginary conversation between the generations

70 years ago, Paul Forrer, Peter Furrer's grandfather, founded his sole proprietorship. The two were never able to meet in person, as Peter was only born three years after his death. In an imaginary conversation, the two nevertheless talk about the development and culture of Paul Forrer AG.

Let's imagine how a dialog between the company founder and the youngest generation of management might go?

Paul Forrer: Is smoking allowed here?

Peter Furrer: Unfortunately no, Grandpa, you haven't been allowed to smoke indoors for a long time.

Paul Forrer: Don't employees smoke any more?

Peter Furrer: Yes, they do, but compared to the past, we pay even more attention to the well-being and health of our employees at work.

Paul Forrer: I like that, I could have thought of it myself. If you put people at the center, that's also part of it.

Peter Furrer: Not much has changed in the way we treat our employees compared to the past. We have been living your credo that people are the key to success for 70 years. I know this from the stories told by my father Walter Furrer and my grandmother Julie Forrer. How did you describe it back then?

Paul Forrer: I always wanted to work with people I liked - whether they were employees, customers or suppliers. They make all the difference and if you get on well and trust each other, the work is much more satisfying. If you work so many hours a week, it must be fun, right?

Peter Furrer: I completely agree with you, Grandpa. Our long-term relationships with people are what make us successful today - and that we sell them reliable products and services that support their work. I'm sure you would recognize one or two customer names that we still work with today.

Paul Forrer: It's great that you and your father have been able to maintain this over the years! Do you still sell Walterscheid drive shafts?

Peter Furrer: Yes, drive technology still accounts for a good 5% of our business. That was far-sighted of you at the time and the basis for our success today! Today we have almost 50,000 products that we sell to the agricultural sector, for construction machinery and for commercial and municipal vehicles. And very important are the customized hydraulic solutions and professional power tools.

Paul Forrer: Similar to the boom sprayers I started with?

Peter Furrer: You won't believe it, they still exist too, just a bit more compact. Continuity in high-quality products that support customer benefits is something I continue to uphold.

Paul Forrer: Have the company's success factors actually changed?

Peter Furrer: Just like back then, our customers today still want reliable technical advice, innovative products that work and a partner who stands up and lives partnership out of conviction. That was also the key to your success, wasn't it?

Paul Forrer: Absolutely. But, and I have always attached great importance to this: after work comes the party - is that still the case?

Peter Furrer: Of course it is, it's in our genes! We always find a reason for a small celebration with our employees, customers or suppliers, where the conviviality is not neglected.

Paul Forrer: Peter, I'm particularly pleased about that. After all, those who work well should also celebrate veritably. I am proud of the way you continue to look after my life's work.

Peter Furrer: And I am proud of how three generations with similar values have been able to drive a company forward over time with the same proven values - that is probably the secret of our joint success.

Paul Forrer: That's right! And now let's go outside and light a pipe.

Peter Furrer: Grandpa, I'm no good at smoking a pipe, I can't do it. But I'd like to raise a glass with you - to 70 years of Paul Forrer AG!

We thank you for accompanying us over the last few years and look forward to all future projects that we can realize together with you!


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