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High performance concrete pump

Together with Specon AG, Paul Forrer AG has designed and implemented a modified concrete pump as a special solution for use at high altitudes.

Modified concrete pumps

At altitudes above 2000 meters, the requirements for a commercially available concrete pump change. First, it has to be flown to the site by helicopter, with weight playing a corresponding role, and second, the motor is usually not sufficient for the required delivery pressure. For these reasons, Beat Brönnimann, business owner of Specon AG and Brönniman Spezial-Tiefbau AG, decided to implement a special solution for these requirements. Together with Paul Forrer, an optimal solution was found. With the lowest possible speed and low fuel consumption, the new concrete pump can be operated on construction sites over 2000 meters and has the necessary reserves.

The engine

The challenge in this project is that the diesel engine in the basic version is supplied from Italy without a particulate filter. The original version has a diesel engine with less than 19 kW, which does not provide the necessary power on mountain construction sites. Therefore, the choice fell on the Yanmar engine 4TNV98C, in the Power-Pack version, completely delivered with radiator, air filter and particle filter system, which fulfills exhaust gas stage 5. With approx. 50 kW, shotcrete work can still be carried out at altitudes of over 2000 meters without any problems.

The pumps

Due to the replacement of the diesel engine, the original hydraulic pumps with higher speed could no longer be used. An 80 cm3 variable displacement pump with load sensing and power control was flanged to the engine, both for driving and for the concrete pump. Another double gear pump supplies the concrete pump changeover and the "mixer/water pump valve block", and an additional gear pump supplies the high-speed binder pump.

The valve blocks

Further we have installed a triple proportional block HPV41. The first section selects between the three states, stop, drive or pump. In the event of a fault, the complete oil flow is interrupted for safety reasons. The second and third sections are hydraulically controlled and supply the travel drive with oil. The chemical pump is variably controlled by an electric flow controller, and in the event of a malfunction, the flow of the high-speed binder pump can also be controlled by handwheel.

The control system

Marco Beffa from mikronis Engineering was also present during commissioning. He made sure that the interface to the Yanmar engine was working properly and that the monitoring of the exhaust system (SCR and DPF) was communicating correctly with the machine control system. This is necessary in order to achieve the exhaust category «LEVEL V» and thus comply with the specifications of the manufacturer Yanmar.

Specon AG & Paul Forrer AG

«An important point was to comply with the exhaust emission standard «LEVEL V» and that is why we decided on the Yanmar engine, which we purchased from Paul Forrer, as well as the hydraulic system. We addressed the requirements together with the Paul Forrer Systeme team, which then produced the technical drawings for us to design the machine accordingly with all the components.», reports Beat Brönnimann.

As a company in the Bernese Oberland region with expertise, many years of experience and know-how in the fields of steel construction, construction machinery, radio control and special machine construction, Specon AG is here to advise and support you.

Specon offers a complete service for construction machinery.

Thanks to its experience, Specon is able to meet the most complex technical challenges in the field of control technology, including customer-specific radio control systems. In addition, Specon AG develops, builds and installs automated special machines and solutions tailored to customers' needs and wishes.

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