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Turicum Gmbh: Gyraff 220 with hydraulic cylinder from Paul Forrer AG

Turicum GmbH has a new horse in its stable: the Gyraff 220 Hybrid Telescopic Lift. The hydraulic cylinders for the Gyraff 220 were purchased from Paul Forrer AG. We spoke to Luca Hofmann, founder and owner of Turicum GmbH, based in Urdorf, about the development and advantages of the new telescopic lift and the cooperation with Paul Forrer.

What was the trigger for this new development? A customer working in overhead line construction had special requirements for building and maintaining overhead lines for trams and buses. One of the requirements was that the support of the vehicle, with maximum extension of the telescopic platform (18.5 m), should not protrude beyond the width of the carrier vehicle, so as not to additionally interfere with passing traffic. In addition, it should be possible to control the telescopic platform and the truck from the basket. This requirement, which is very complex in terms of safety, arose from the workload of the workers, which we analysed. We accompanied a worker who was carrying out maintenance work on an overhead line for one night. During this time, the worker had to completely retract the telescopic platform over 30 times, get out of the basket, retract the supports and climb into the cab to move the whole vehicle ten metres. If the worker can control all this directly from the basket, the work is much more efficient. An electric operation instead of the diesel engine should reduce the working noise considerably, as the vehicle is mainly used in cities and during the night. What are the main features of the new working platform? The telescopic platform and the vehicle can be operated electrically without causing noise emissions. If the electric drive should fail, the diesel engine is still available. Another feature is the steering of the truck and the operation of the hydraulic support cylinders from the basket. The support cylinders are located inside the vehicle profile. We have designed the support of the vehicle in such a way that gradients of up to 16 percent can be compensated.

Why was the telescopic arm developed in-house? Was there nothing existing on the market?

Originally, we visited various telescopic lift manufacturers in Italy with the customer's requirements. We did not find any manufacturer who was willing to produce two telescopic lifts for us according to the requirements. So we had the following options: Buy an existing telescopic lift platform and convert it accordingly or develop one ourselves. With a conversion, we would have no influence on the structure of the telescopic lift and it would be difficult to provide the verification documents necessary for homologation. If one makes adjustments to a purchased product, these may not be used. That is why we decided to develop our own. This way we have all the drawings and calculations necessary for homologation.

Are further product developments planned?

At the moment, we are working on a project where the vehicle travels on the rail. The working platform is bigger than the basket on the Gyraff and the outreach is smaller. We are talking about two vehicles, one in Switzerland and one abroad. We are currently in the concept phase.

What was the decisive point in purchasing the cylinders from Paul Forrer?

Very clear: A super offer for high-quality hydraulic cylinders from the well-known German manufacturer Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH. In addition, quick answers, super documents with CAD drawings and a very pleasant cooperation.

How valuable do you find the engineering cooperation to date in optimising the cylinders?

Neumeister has implemented the requirements for the cylinders very well and the safety valves have been optimally integrated into the cylinders. This is how one imagines an optimal cooperation and process: Design, draw, integrate and order.

What can Paul Forrer do that others can't?

Paul Forrer AG offers close and uncomplicated contact, a lot of know-how and a fast response time. This is extremely important for us during development. The employees at Paul Forrer think along with us. The case of the column cylinder comes to mind as an example: We didn't have to do all the calculations, but received a proposal directly from Paul Forrer for suitable support cylinders that had been tried and tested in comparable applications. The fact that we can rely on the supplier's competence is a clear added value for us. We didn't have to write lists of requirements, which would have been complicated and time-consuming for us.

Would you consider Paul Forrer again for a next project?

Absolutely! We are always in good contact, it is always a matter of finding the best solution for us and, based on experience, it is clear to me: Cylinder = Paul Forrer.

Turicum GmbH Urdorf - reliable and competent for holistic development and production of special vehicles around construction machinery, commercial vehicles, crane trucks, municipal vehicles, work machines and agricultural machinery. In Urdorf, high-quality and coordinated hybrid drive concepts are developed for commercial vehicles of all kinds. From planning and production to support throughout the entire service life of the vehicle, all tasks are carried out reliably and expeditiously. Their work is always carried out according to the highest quality standards and the latest state of the art.


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