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Truck Service Perlen AG offers the hydraulic hose service with truck ambulance

Whether a damaged hose or cylinder on a construction machine, a defective hydraulic pump on a truck or a leaking valve block on an agricultural machine - Truck Service AG in Perlen offers a fast, customer-friendly and inexpensive hydraulic hose service. We spoke to David Käser, workshop manager at Truck Service Perlen AG.

What is the Truck Ambulance? The truck ambulance or hose ambulance is a mobile truck and hose service with which we offer our customers a new type of service. We are available for operations in the field of tyre and hydraulic services from 6 a.m. in the morning until 10 p.m. in the evening. The special thing about this is that we can travel to the customers with our mobile service vehicles with trailers and compress all types of hydraulic hoses on site.

What solutions does your workshop offer? Our workshop offers repair and bodywork services for trucks, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. Both stationary and with a mobile hose service. In addition, we are also active in vehicle construction with a stationary and mobile locksmith's shop and implement mainly truck bodies, as well as special and in-house constructions. Recently, we have also set up our own paint shop, which we use to paint commercial vehicles. In addition, we also offer a tyre service here with us with a large warehouse and on site with the trailer.

What are the benefits of Gates' hose service?

We are very satisfied with Gates hoses, we would not install anything else for our customers. We can crimp the whole range of hoses from ¼ to 1 ½ inch. The storage rack for assortments is very practical for us, we started with a rack of 6 and then later added four more racks, with almost all the associated threads, fittings, couplings and fittings.

How did you hear about Paul Forrer?

We came across the company Paul Forrer through a recommendation. We asked Paul Forrer and another company for a quote for the hydraulic hose service support point. Due to the competent advice and the price-performance ratio, we then decided on the Gates Hose Service of Paul Forrer AG.

Are you satisfied with Paul Forrer's customer service?

We are very satisfied with the support from Paul Forrer AG. The new shop is very clear, the reorders with the scanner work optimally and the delivery reliability is very high.

What does Paul Forrer have that others do not?

The versatility and the good products like those from Gates, Cejn and Stucchi, for example. In any case, these are the sectors that interest us in terms of demand.

David Käser, Workshop Manager Truck Service Perlen AG

Truck Service AG in Perlen offers a new service with its ten employees. From 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., they are the contact persons for their customers in the field of tyre and hydraulic services and are even on site with mobile service vehicles.


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