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NUMMI: Finnish cylinder production

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering Oy develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality tipping cylinders, differential cylinders and components for tipping hydraulics, as well as customised cylinders under the brand name NUMMI.

NUMMI operates internationally. The most important markets are the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland. Wipro is a reliable and committed supplier. Constant exchange with customers ensures maximum flexibility with short response times! Highly qualified Finnish engineers and craftsmen guarantee Scandinavian quality! Safety and durability of NUMMI products is the top priority in every development. NUMMI maintains a Europe-wide service network. Spare parts for the telescopic cylinders are guaranteed for up to ten years after the end of production.

Comprehensive product range for a broad customer base

NUMMI telescopic cylinders are used by leading European tipper manufacturers and vehicle builders. At the Perniö plant, hydraulic cylinders can be manufactured with tube diameters from 25 to 500 mm, with stroke lengths up to 10 metres and pressures up to 400 bar. For telescopic cylinders, the application ranges from 14 to 100 t stroke load with an extension length of up to 12 metres. FEM analysis and a material fatigue test. Every new development is subjected to a test with 40,000 load changes, which corresponds to a service life of approx. ten years for a tipper telescopic cylinder.

Durability according to NUMMI standard

NUMMI uses only high-alloy cylinder tubes, which are hard-chrome plated in-house. Another NUMMI speciality is the welded and machined bronze guides. This guarantees minimal play in the guides, which in turn increases durability and robustness. Every telescopic cylinder that leaves the delivery factory is subjected to a test. Of course, Wipro is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. All products meet the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive.


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