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Mark Hydraulik: Good quality can be so easy!

The ultra-light hydraulic cylinders from the Austrian company Mark Hydraulik GmbH are between 30 and 70 percent lighter than comparable cylinders commonly available on the market.

Characteristic values

MARK develops and designs hydraulic cylinders for weight-sensitive applications. Whether double-acting or plunger cylinders - mass, pressure, and much more.


Pulsating forces prevail in a cylinder. The core of the development is to withstand this enormous dynamic load with lightweight construction.

To manufacture a product like this ultra-light hydraulic cylinder, MARK relies on a team of technicians, metallurgists, partners from industry, specialists in plastics and scientific research institutes. Computer-aided simulations shorten the development time.

Carbon creates the weight advantage!

There is no area of the cylinder that is not critically scrutinised for its weight-saving potential. Carbon and its processing is one of MARK's core competencies. When selecting substitute materials for conventional steel, we rely on the specialist knowledge of MARK's metallurgists. Decades of experience are used here.

Specific values


Customer benefits

  1. Saves weight Ultra-light hydraulic cylinders are 30 to 70 percent lighter than comparable cylinders commonly available on the market. Scientific calculations, test bench trials and practical use in rough everyday conditions prove the excellent performance.

  2. Saves costs Higher functionality and energy saving of the application can save costs in the long run.

  3. Corrosion-free Carbon cylinders are corrosion-free. Especially for chemical and maritime applications, this means enormous advantages in terms of wear and costs.

  4. Reduces emissions Carbon hydraulic cylinders are between 30 and 70 percent lighter than standard cylinders. For all applications, the lighter basic construction results in longer ranges, lower operating costs and an enormous increase in energy efficiency.

Test bench

In order to be able to check and test the development steps and the finished end products, a test stand was built that is equipped for cold tests, among other things.

Program-controlled loading of the cylinder:

  • Pressure up to 550 bar

  • Back pressure (piston, rod side)

  • Kink test

  • Cold test

  • Cycles

  • Hub

  • Piston speed

  • Recording

  • Archiving

  • Evaluation


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