H2L braking system from Paul Forrer AG

Why choosing Paul Forrer for H2L braking system?

H2L Bremssystem Paul Forrer AG

Product range and it’s advantages:


Valve fulfills all requirements according EU 2015/68 (conf. by TÜV report).


Valve is able to be connected also to single line tractors by easy connect SL to valve.

Relay Booster

Valve enables to reach

Treshold time in every trailer configuration: unique solution on the market

Load sensing devices

Wide range for every vehicle class and application.

Paul Forrer H2L Services

Brake calculation acceptet by technical services and authorithies.

Brake system schematic for every trailer setup.

Support of technical services OEM homologation.

  • Consultation of technical services by E-Mail, Telefone or V-Call

  • Support for customers by E-Mail, Telefone or V-Call

  • During homologation directly on the machine if required

30 years of experience in hydraulic braking solutions, tractor and trailer side.

  • Own developed: single and dual line valves for trailers

  • Distributor of hydraulic valves for tractors

Well known by technical services - Successful homologation performed with e.g.

  • TÜV Nord (Germany)

  • TÜV Süd (Germany)

  • TÜV Rheinland (Germany)

  • UTAC France

  • ESTL Belgium

  • ITP Poland

  • ... etc

Simulator unit from Paul Forrer in use by most technical services.

Some key facts:

  • More than 20 countries supplied by Forrer H2L System

  • More than 40 OEM customers supplied by Forrer H2L System

  • Well known OEM’s for instance Strautmann count on our H2L System

  • Paul Forrer is Member of Axema and involved in committee concerns

We know pneumatics– 20 years of experience

Also experts in pneumatic solutions, tractor and trailer side. Distribution of pneumatic braking systems for the swiss market.

Technique is our passion.