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Fahrzeug Bächli AG

We visited Fahrzeug Bächli AG in Döttingen, where company founder Hans Bächli told us about his exciting company history. Around 160 bodies leave the factory every year, with the focus on light vehicle construction up to 3.5 tons.

The long-standing cooperation with Paul Forrer AG as a supplier of hydraulic components is a great advantage. Paul Forrer AG is very familiar with the specific requirements of Bächli AG. Only products from renowned manufacturers are used for the individually assembled tipping hydraulics sets. Interpump Hydraulik supplies the telescopic cylinder, Tecfluid the DC hydraulic unit and Italautocar the three-way tipper components. Gates provides the cable technology and Mafelec the control bulb. Paul Forrer AG is particularly proud of its weight-optimized cardan ring for the telescopic cylinder, which enables continuous improvements through innovation.

The following Paul Forrer AG products are included in the contribution:

Hydraulic power unit:

Telescopic cylinder:

Cardan ring:

Control unit:

If you have any questions regarding vehicle construction, please contact our external sales representative Christian Messerli: +41 44 439 19 58,

We thank Mr. Bächli for the exciting insight into Fahrzeug Bächli AG.


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