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by Paul Paul Forrer

Brake solutions have a long tradition at Paul Forrer. For more than 20 years, Paul Forrer AG has been distributing air brake solutions and offering added value for the customer.

The key word is assembly time. The time saved during assembly makes all the difference. This is made possible by our pre-assembled kits.

On the tractor side, Paul Forrer AG counts on its long-standing and experienced partner ATZLINGER and supplies the appropriate set to match the tractor model.

Until now, there was no pre-assembled modular system for trailers. Paul Forrer AG therefore designed its own assembly system in which all connection points are coordinated with each other.

Kits for pneumatic trailer brakes "Tractor" - AIR

ATZLINGER has been successfully involved in brake system construction for over 50 years and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, they offer the ATZLINGER Pass Guarantee and, as an original equipment manufacturer for many makes, have their own design and development department.

Quality components

ATZLINGER mainly uses compressed air equipment from its long-standing partners such as WABCO and HALDEX & KNORRBREMSE, who are renowned for their reliability, in order to be able to guarantee you the highest quality and safety.

Your advantages

  • Over 50 years of success in brake system construction

  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015

  • Atzlinger Pass Guarantee

  • Original equipment manufacturer for many makes

  • Own design and development department

  • Prototype production through small series production of components in-house

  • Extensive machinery

  • Laser cutting/CNC edging/milling/turning

  • Special adjustment to all types and series

  • We only use quality components such as those from WABCO, HALDEX, KNORRBREMSE, etc.

​Scope of delivery tractor

  • 2-pipe system

  • Air compressor large volume 159 cm³

  • Low pressure system 8.1 bar

  • Galvanised screw connections

  • Assemblies pre-assembled

  • V-belt pulleys, brackets

  • Attachment parts in own production

  • CNC-turned, milled, laser-cut, edged

  • Curved steel pipes

  • All parts galvanised or black coated

  • Coupling head "Stock" with Euro coupling

  • Screws, clamps, small material

  • Additional equipment such as front PTO, front loader, etc. taken into account.

  • Detailed mounting instructions

  • Brake diagram and DEKRA certificate for MFK approval.

The finished kits are available for the following brands and many more: Case IH • Claas • Deutz • Fendt • Fiat • Ford • Hürlimann • John Deere • Kubota • Lamborghini • Landini • Lindner • Massey Ferguson • McCormick • New Holland • Renault • Same • Steyr • Valtra • Special vehicles: forklifts, telescopic handlers etc.

Kits for pneumatic trailer brakes "Trailer" - AIR

Trailer types and customer wishes are so diverse that they can rarely be covered by just one universal kit. For this reason, we have now divided the kits into different assemblies. All points of contact of the assemblies are coordinated with each other.

Based on a brake calculation or by means of an additional form, we can put together the right kit for you. Our range includes simple kits with trailer control valve, hand controller, diaphragm cylinder for working machines up to complex kits with EBS control. All pre-assembled screw connections are colour-coded for easy assembly.

Your advantages:

  • Standard kits customised to your application

  • Compatibility of the kits with each other guaranteed

  • Reduced assembly time

  • 2-wire braking system P2L according to regulation EU2015/68

  • Contain OEM quality components from Wabco etc.

  • Main components & assemblies ready for assembly / pre-assembled

  • Clear line connection marking for safe pipework

  • Includes flexible and easy-to-assemble Raufoss ABC plug-in system

  • Cables are supplied on rollers - so you can adjust the length to your vehicle

  • Assembly instructions with parts lists and diagrams are supplied with all kits.

Questionnaire for identification & application for brake calculation

for towing vehicles for agriculture and forestry

The identification questionnaire should be completed in advance. For an indicative quote, fill in the additional form and for an exact quote, fill in the brake calculation application and the additional form.


If you have any questions about our pre-assembled kits, please do not hesitate to call our specialist Stefan Frei or send an e-mail!

Mobil: +41 44 439 19 45




Can be retrofitted to all types of trailers

The well-known EBS technology from the commercial vehicle sector is also finding its way into agriculture and forestry. WABCO's TEBS-E offers a comprehensive portfolio of safety and efficiency features for trailers and increases braking comfort.

Easier installation, higher performance

WABCO's latest generation of trailer electronic braking system, Trailer EBS-E, now offers trailer manufacturers an even more streamlined, optimised solution. For the operator, this means less maintenance and more efficient operations.

Why convert to WABCO Trailer EBS-E?

Your benefit

  • Helps optimise braking distance and improve braking stability

  • Forms the basis for the features and capabilities of WABCO's award-winning Intelligent Trailer program and is fully customisable to the trailer's needs

  • Optimises the cost of building, operating and maintaining a trailer throughout its lifetime

  • Suitable for all trailer types, or road trains with up to two trailers

How does the Trailer EBS-E work?

By intelligently processing data collected by various sensors on the trailer, the TEBS-E determines whether the current driving dynamics are unsafe and there is a risk of tipping or swerving. In this case, countermeasures are triggered to bring the vehicle back to a safe and efficient state. The driver is also actively warned and the events are stored by the system. Workshops can retrieve the data via the diagnostic interface. Various options for steering, lift axles and much more can also be integrated.

The WABCO TEBS-E Multivoltage Brake System 12/24VDC Capable

  • Full function integration Trailer EBS-E is equipped with Rollover Stability Support (RSS)

  • Possibility for speed-dependent control, e.g. for steering axles

  • Possibility for load-dependent control, e.g. for lift axes

  • Fewer components reduce the installation effort for the vehicle manufacturer

  • Integrated system monitoring with Smart - Board: axle load display, ECAS, odometer, diagnostics, service interval, lift axle control and tyre pressure monitoring

The advantages of the Trailer EBS-E Multivoltage explained in detail:

Faster reaction time

With TEBS-E, the reaction time during braking is faster than with conventional ABS, thanks to the internal electronic signals of a Controller Area Network (CAN) that run parallel to the pneumatic line. In contrast, with ABS the signal is only transmitted pneumatically through a single line.

More GIO'S offer more functionality

The Trailer EBS-E can also monitor and process more generic inputs/outputs (GIO) than the ABS. This offers manufacturers the possibility to efficiently adapt trailers to the individual requirements of operators.

Rollover Stability Support (RSS) Rollover stability support

The Trailer EBS-E with the Rollover Stability Support (RSS) function can automatically apply the trailer's brakes to prevent overturning in curves, thus meeting the current RSS requirements. The RSS is integrated in the WABCO Trailer TEBS-E and designed to efficiently adapt the trailer and semi-trailer to the individual requirements of the operators.

The TEBS-E supports a wide range of suspension systems

Through a single electronic control unit, the Trailer EBS-E supports and easily combines mechanical suspension, conventional air suspension and integrated electronically controlled air suspension with full OptiLevelTM functionality. Likewise, the WABCO Trailer EBS-E supports hydraulic suspension and slip control for unsprung vehicles.

Improved pneumatic extension module (PEM)

The Trailer EBS-E with integrated PEM option is now equipped with an overload protection valve and a charging valve as standard. The improved design for the pneumatic connections also means that no additional T-pieces are needed to connect the components of the braking system. The Trailer EBS-E has several connections that allow direct connection to all pneumatic lines. Individual connections also allow the trailer brakes, air suspension and lift axle control auxiliary circuits to be supplied.

Simplified system integration

Thanks to PREV (Park Release Emergency Valve), as part of the braking system, the number of components required for a complete braking system has been significantly reduced. Even better, the load sensing function, relay emergency braking and brake release buttons are now all integrated as well.

SmartBoard control pad for controlling and monitoring the trailer

The simple, multilingual control pad gives the driver access to important trailer information. Likewise, the trailer EBS-E and air suspension system functions can be operated even when the trailer is unhitched (only with external battery supply).

General requirements for the tractor if a trailer is to be operated with TEBS-E:

The tractor must have a power supply according to ISO 7638. The axles must be equipped with pole wheel and ABS sensors.


If you have any questions about the TEBS-E electronic trailer brake system, please do not hesitate to call our specialist Paul Burkhard or send an e-mail!

Mobil: 079 801 91 56



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