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VANGUARD Battery Systems

As part of the Briggs & Stratton Group, Vanguard has more than 35 years of experience integrating power solutions ranging from agriculture to construction and unmanned systems.

The Vanguard Commercial Power division was founded in 1986 and focuses on the development and manufacture of various power generation units. In 2018, the company expanded its innovative strength to include lithium-ion battery packs and the corresponding charging stations. It all started in 2013 with the search for a suitable partner for battery packs who could meet the needs of the market and the high demands placed on such products. The goal was clear. The battery solutions had to withstand extreme operating conditions, be dust and water resistant, withstand cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner and be easy to maintain. At the same time, this partner had to be able to manage without major quantity commitments on the part of the customer and also deliver smaller quantities with a short lead time.

It quickly became clear to Vanguard that no partner on the market could meet the requirements. The decision was made to design and produce its own battery system. Vanguard owns and controls the production and provides its customers with its extensive expertise in the field of energy application, which has enabled Vanguard to establish itself as a provider of battery solutions.

The advantages

  1. RELIABLE PERFORMANCE Packaged in a sealed enclosure, the battery packs are built to withstand vibration, dust, dirt as well as moisture.

  2. MORE SAFETY THROUGH THE BMS The integrated battery management system monitors the individual cells, optimising and protecting the entire system.

  3. FUTURE-ORIENTED CONSTRUCTION The modular design of the batteries and the use of standardised cylindrical cell formats (18650 / 21700) make it possible to use new battery technologies easily and quickly in the future, while keeping the dimensions of the battery packs the same. This in turn offers you more flexibility in the design.

  4. COOPERATION WITH RENOWNED CELL MANUFACTURERS Vanguard works exclusively with Tier 1 cell manufacturers, which include Tesla, Panasonic, Samsung and other leading companies. They use high quality cells that are specified to very tight tolerances.

  5. CHARGING AT COLD TEMPERATURES Vanguard batteries are specifically designed for charging in low temperatures down to -10°C. Even in freezing conditions, when a battery never warms up above 0°C, it can still be charged up to 60% SOC.

  6. FAST AND DIGITAL CHARGING SYSTEM In addition to the quick-charge function, the batteries can be monitored with an app so that it is always known how much power is available.


Fi Series

The Fi series offers various battery packs for integration into almost any device. The batteries are permanently installed. The series includes several models in different versions.

Load test with a Fi Series battery pack.


Si Series

This series has the same basic characteristics as the Fi series. However, the Si is a portable battery that can be used as an interchangeable battery for different devices. It therefore offers you exceptional flexibility. The independent parallel connection also makes it easy to couple several batteries to obtain the desired performance.

Load test with a Si series battery pack


You can find the detailed specifications for the individual battery packs in our online shop. If you have any questions, our technical advisors will be happy to help you on +41 44 439 19 91.


Would you like to learn more about the manufacturer and its product range? Then we recommend you visit the Vanguard website.


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