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Swiss Made E-Drive Solutions by Paul Forrer

We don't just supply products, we supply solutions - and we live up to this claim when it comes to e-drives as well. We therefore advise you from the battery to the motor and offer everything from a single source.

It is no secret that electrification in mobility has been around for a long time. More and more, tools and machines of various kinds are being "electrified" and hydraulic components such as traction motors are being replaced by electric components. Under the motto "if you don't move with the times, you move with the times", we work together with the strong, innovative and competent partner I&W from Switzerland, which not only supplies us with components, but also supports us with know-how. The company I&W has over six years of experience in the development of electric drive systems and has a good reputation in industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, in-plant logistics, municipal machinery and self-propelled robots. We take over the distribution for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Why an electric traction drive from Paul Forrer?

  • Most compact solution on the market: The patented motors are up to 40 % shorter than those of other manufacturers.

  • Easy interchangeability: Identical dimensions for mounting on the frame and wheel or sprocket.

Where does an electric traction drive from Paul Forrer make sense?

  • Machines that are already operated electrohydraulically (e.g. with a hydraulic unit)

  • Machines where hydraulic oil is problematic for environmental reasons

  • Machines that temporarily do not have a continuous energy supply and are not allowed to use an internal combustion engine

  • Machines used indoors

  • Machines where conventional industrial e-motors are too large

Links: Wine robot VITIBOT with e-drive

Right: Crawler drive with E-Drive drive system

Schematic diagram of a battery-powered e-drive system:


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