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Pister ball valves: World leader, Made in Germany

First-class ball valves manufactured in Germany: Innovative and high-quality products at fair market prices, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Pister Kugelhähne

Special feature of the BKH standard ball valves from Pister

FST fine-grained steel

The pressure bodies of the BKH standard ball valves are made of FST fine-grained steel and can therefore withstand significantly higher pressures.

  • Yield strength 30% higher than free-cutting steel

  • Therefore complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Floating ball valve


In unsupported ball valves, the ball floats between the ball seals. Both in a vacuum at low pressure and at high pressure, absolute tightness is ensured due to the inherent elastic pre-tension of the seal. The BKH standard ball valves are maintenance-free.

High flexibility for special solutions

  • Connection diversity: Internal threads BSP/NPT, DIN 24°, SAE and special flanges, as well as other special designs.

  • Coating: Black-finished, chrome VI-free, zinc-nickel, lacquered

  • Switch ball valve: Distribution with L-ball, T-ball, P-ball or all-round design

Special designs:


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