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Padoan oil and diesel tanks

As a manufacturer of oil, diesel fuel and combination tanks for commercial vehicles and machinery, Padoan is known worldwide. The family-owned company Padoan was founded in 1937. The Padoan Group is managed from its Italian headquarters with subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland and Chile. With a strong focus on development, innovation and new technologies, Padoan meets the ever-changing market demands. Padoan offers a wide standard product range in Italian design and in different materials such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Raw material for the automotive sector

The material used by Padoan coupled with the appropriate surface finish guarantees a longer service life and resistance to corrosion

Automated welding process

Welding robots with an inert gas process ensure perfect, clean and defect-free welding. The automated process minimises contamination inside the container and simplifies cleaning after processing.

Varnishing process

To ensure optimum protection against aggressive agents, all steel tanks are powder coated as standard with a layer thickness of 70 to 180 μm.

Quality control

All individual components of the tanks, including brackets and tension straps, are tested for cracks on a specially developed testing machine. After the welding process, each individual tank is tested for leakage using helium technology. With this testing method, microscopically small leaks can be localised. Each tank is marked and released after passing the test.

Multifunctional assembly

The tension straps of Padoan tanks in stainless steel design are resistant to weathering and corrosion. To ensure correct mounting of the tanks to the chassis, all chassis fixings are provided with mounting holes for a wide range of chassis suppliers. Specially designed plastic strips made of EPDM are inserted between the tank and the fastening, this prevents injuries to hands and the surface coatings caused by sharp edges. The EPDM protective tape is designed for a wide temperature range from -45°C to +150°C. This system guarantees low-vibration fastening of the tanks and contributes significantly to a longer service life.


Each individual tank is visually inspected again and cleaned by hand before packaging. To ensure traceability, each tank is given a serial number. The free individual packaging of the tanks and components avoids transport damage. Each tank and fastening set is accompanied by the corresponding assembly instructions with helpful explanations for quick and professional assembly.


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