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Next generation comfort & efficiency: New ELIET scarifiers

This spring ELIET has expanded its range of scarifiers with three new powered models: E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR.

The E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR not only offer unprecedented user comfort, but also 30% more raking power. With the introduction of the powered E-ZR machines, ELIET heralds a new era in scarifying.

The new range is a fourfold benefit for the landscape gardener:

1. More comfort of use

The new E450ZR, E550ZR and E650ZR scarifiers are powered, which increases comfort and ease of use. The traction drive ensures a constant travel speed, regardless of the condition of the terrain. The user no longer has to push the machine with his muscle power. The vibration damping provides even more comfort of use.

2. Time saving

The new E-ZR series is equipped with Double Cut™ blades as standard: ultra-thin blades that are only 15 mm apart. A single scarifying pass is therefore sufficient to achieve a maximum raking result. It is therefore no longer necessary to scarify crosswise. Due to the ultra-thin blades, the soil hardly suffers any damage and the lawn recovers very quickly.

3. Higher raking efficiency

The special feature of these scarifiers is that the blades rotate backwards, i.e. against the direction of travel. The rotation of the blades ensures that matted areas and moss are removed from the lawn much more efficiently. This results in more than 30% higher raking performance. All models are also equipped with permanently sharp Blades™. Due to the self-sharpening effect of the blades, the raking performance remains constantly high throughout the entire usage time.

4. Better surface finishing

The machine is driven by wheels at the front and a rubber roller at the rear. This immediately rolls the scarified area smooth again and levels out any unevenness.


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