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Low-head units from Paul Forrer

Our new NA units are ideally suited for lifting platforms and fitting ramps with low installation heights or other industrial applications where the low design comes into play.

The aggregates convince with the following advantages:

  • Modular system – the aggregates are designed and standardised in such a way that rapid delivery is possible.

  • Low construction – The units are up to 50% smaller than conventional units, which is an advantage in tight spaces.

  • Flexible – Gear pumps or axial piston pumps with constant or variable displacement and torque control are easy to integrate.

  • Accessible – In contrast to the design of submersible oil pumps, the pump is freely accessible in the NA series. This is particularly advantageous if, for example, a control pump is used. Fine adjustments are often made to the controller during commissioning of the system.

  • Expandable – the tanks are equipped with a C-rail system, which makes it possible to easily mount brackets for possible accessories, such as pressure filters, valve blocks, electrical control cabinets, etc., without subsequent welding and painting work.

NA40N030-..the compact with 30 l tank capacity 3.0 kW - 7.5 kW 400 V AC - 50 Hz

Performance data as a function of pressure vs. flow rate:

  • Delivery rate up to 41 l/min

  • Operating pressure up to 270 bar

  • Peak pressure up to 310 bar

NA40N030-.. with valve assembly


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