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LNS Premium Power: battery-powered crawler transporter with outstanding performance

The CE certified LNS Power Premium battery offers high performance with low maintenance. The transporter impresses with a payload of up to 500 kg and a runtime of up to 8 hours.

There are many reasons in favour of LNS:

  • High performance gearbox with low friction: 10 to 40 percent more efficient than a normal gearbox.

  • DC Permanent Motor: Designed by LNS with optimised torque motor

  • Optimal battery: Strong and safe operation. The high-purity calcium alloy maximises the life of the ES battery.

  • Modern GP drive control: The GP drive offers excellent drive performance. Smooth, precise control is ensured on all surfaces and slopes. Rollback is almost completely eliminated, especially when starting on slopes. This makes the drive a very safe and enjoyable riding experience.


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