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How to winterise your high-pressure cleaner

If everything around the house and garden has been winterised in autumn, the work is almost done. However, you should not forget to take care of the cleaning equipment. This also needs to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained before it is stored away for the cold days.

High-pressure cleaners can be quickly prepared for hibernation in simple steps so that you can get started again in spring. First of all, all components such as the safety shut-off gun, high-pressure pump, hose and water inlet strainer should be emptied so that they are not damaged by frost in winter. The remaining water can be pressed out of the high-pressure cleaner with a compressed air device. This empties the pump and the hose completely. If no compressed air device is available, the pump can be put into operation and drained for a maximum of 20 seconds in dry operation. Afterwards, all components should be cleaned before the high-pressure cleaner is stored in a protected, frost-free place.


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