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Gear pump defective? - No type plate present?

What is the delivery volume of my gear pump?

Almost every day, gear pumps are removed from tractors, power units or other machines that require hydraulic energy because the pump no longer delivers any power. Despair sets in as soon as the type plate is no longer legible or can no longer be found and there is no other indication of the delivery volume. It would be so easy to search for the correct pump on the web using the manufacturer's number!

With a caliper, a calculator and this formula, you can determine the delivery volume of the defective pump in no time at all:

Practical example

2 × 3.14159 × 2.4 cm × (2 × 4.5 cm - 8.35 cm) × (8.35 cm - 4.5 cm) × 0.5 = 18.87 cm3/U

This practical example is a rule of thumb, but experience has shown that it is sufficiently accurate. In this case, a 19.2 cm3/rev pump fits. Now select a pump based on the calculated cubic capacity (in this case the pump has 19.2 cm3/rev) and the other parameters such as flange dimensions, direction of rotation, shaft, etc. The easiest way to do this is with our filters in our webshop. The easiest way to do this is with our filters in our webshop:


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