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Köppl X-TWEEL SPIKE - the new, innovative, patented tyre technology

Köppl's X-TWEEL SPIKE combines the best features of wheel and spiked rollers in a new innovative type of tyre.

Together with the tyre manufacturer Michelin, Köppl has developed a patented, new type of tyre for Köppl single-axle tractors from their innovative Tweel tyres and further developed it for the tough demands of everyday single-axle use - the X-TWEEL-SPIKE.

Lightweight, robust design for all types of use.

Flexible honeycombs adapt to the ground.

The KÖPPL X-TWEEL-SPIKES are a new wheel design with integrated tyre that works without air. Punctures are a thing of the past. Each spike in the tread is reinforced by a screwed and easy-to-maintain hardened metal tip that minimises wear.

The KÖPPL X-TWEEL SPIKES give way on uneven ground thanks to the intelligent honeycomb profile and ensure safety, reliable tracking on slopes and sufficient grip on stony ground.

  • Perfect grip in all positions

  • Very smooth running, even on hard surfaces

  • No risk of punctures thanks to airless tyres

  • Reduced maintenance effort

  • Low weight due to rubber, plastic, steel combination

  • Extremely robust with hardened steel tips

The X-TWEEL-SPIKES have a low level of soiling when mowing, protect the ground due to their low weight and offer a strong grip thanks to their flexible design.

The experience and innovations with a variety of tyre types, which are manufactured and continuously improved by KÖPPL itself, have also been incorporated for the perfect adaptation to the KÖPPL carrier vehicles. The X-TWEEL-SPIKES have a low level of soiling when mowing, are gentle on the ground thanks to their low weight, strong grip and supple tread and are available in 6-row and 4-row versions for all professional KÖPPL hydrostats.


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