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Köppl sweeping machine - The area-strong, labour-saving pavement joint filler

With the Köppl sweeper you can easily master all surfaces: The sweeper is robust, flexible, ergonomic and modular. Slow and arduous was once upon a time. Fast and efficient with the Köppl sweeper!

Spread and fill in one operation with only one person

High area output for small to large areas. Ergonomic work thanks to self-propelled drive. Filling at least 3 to 5 times faster than with previous manual means.

Whether granulate or sand, whether dry backfilling or slurry filling, for the first backfilling or effective re-sanding: The manoeuvrable construction method can cope with all area sizes and formats.

Double, opposite, horizontal inward movement

Sweeping along and into the pavement joints, just as you would with a broom in your hand. Only much faster, more effortless and more effective.

Due to the angled position, the brooms reach the pavement joints right to the edge and in the optimum sweeping direction - even in critical places. The sweeping motion ensures that as many bristles as possible reach the joints over the entire sweeping width.

Arrange a no-obligation demonstration by calling 044 439 19 93.


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