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KÖPPL SelfDrive® - Just let it work and sit back and relax

100 percent repeatability and maximum area efficiency. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is the entry into autonomous implement control for agriculture, gardening, landscaping and municipal facilities. The system supports automation level 4 to level 5. If the application allows, you can entrust the system with the complete guidance of the machine. Let KÖPPL SelfDrive® work for you!

KÖPPL SelfDrive® MowPilot: Teach once, repeat exactly as often as you like

Always exactly in position For positioning, the MowPilot autonomy kit uses a hybrid localisation approach that combines the strengths of the global navigation satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo with the advantages of local navigation using odometry and inertial sensors.

Teach once, repeat exactly as often as you like

Move your surfaces once with a "teach-in" and repeat the stored surface as often as you like. Or you can drive only one strip and position this strip with A→B repetitions as often as you like. All functions are easily accessible in the KÖPPL SelfDrive MowPilot app.

Teach, Repeat, once, several times

The proven Teach&Repeat approach in combination with the labour-saving A-B repetition allows effective teach-in of new mowing areas and ensures robust repeatability even on slopes and with fancy driving manoeuvres. Once taught, this plot can be repeated automatically as often as required. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is specially designed to be put into operation as quickly and easily as possible on KÖPPL carrier vehicles, thus noticeably reducing set-up times.


KÖPPL SelfDrive® RowCropPilot: Detects rows independently and turns automatically

Drives as if by itself

The KÖPPL SelfDrive® environment detection reliably detects existing plantings even under the most demanding conditions. This enables the RowCropPilot software to precisely regulate the optimum lane and path of the implement, even at high driving speeds. All the information required for this is provided by local sensors and is therefore independent of external signals - an important factor for noticeably higher availability.

Detects rows independently and turns automatically

You only have to define the area into which the KÖPPL SelfDrive® should independently drive rows. The KÖPPL CRAWLER or GEKKO then navigates between the rows and automatically detects the row boundaries or obstacles.

All functions easily accessible in the KÖPPL SelfDrive RowCropPilot app.

The additional global navigation position, which uses data from all common satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo), and the reception of correction signals make the work of the RowCropPilot even more efficient. By means of intelligent sensor fusion, it is possible to work autonomously even in difficult environments.


The KÖPPL modular SelfDrive® software (with corresponding "hardware" equipment) is available in two variants. One variant that can autonomously process areas once they have been taught using Teach & Repeat and one variant that autonomously calculates the optimum row passage and turning manoeuvre in row crops using environment recognition.

KÖPPL SelfDrive® is a combination of LIDAR, GPS and mobile radio correction signals with sophisticated, trained machine-learned models that autonomously access the machine's control functions. The combination of hardware and software enables the KÖPPL SelfDrive® to recognise obstacles, work surfaces with a driving accuracy of 5 cm, automatically execute turning manoeuvres and precisely "thread" in the last place during work steps.

Quickly equipped for every application. The KÖPPL SelfDrive® convinces with simple assembly and calibration. Another plus: KÖPPL SelfDrive® can be used across all devices and is also suitable for older models. Simply ask us whether your KÖPPL GEKKO or CRAWLER is suitable for the KÖPPL SelfDrive®.

The following is integrated in the KÖPPL SelfDrive®:

Antenna for base station and RTK data

With the base station connected, the radio antenna provides driving and RTK correction data over a proprietary 450-470 MHz radio link.


Mobile phone antenna

Flashing light

KÖPPL SelfDrive® Central Unit




KÖPPL SelfDrive® Top 7 Advantages

  1. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is modular It can be easily mounted and dismounted across all units and retrofitted on older units through innovative software update functions.

  2. KÖPPL SelfDrive® makes work easy Because on landscaping sites with repetitive patterns, a significant increase in efficiency can be achieved, as the unit only needs to be "supervised" and independently implements the "learned" skills.

  3. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is flexible Because the threading option allows you to start exactly at the last position in the working sub-steps.

  4. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is ergonomic Because it is sufficient to drive only one lane for teach-in. All other lanes can be taken over by the device through A→B repetitions.

  5. KÖPPL SelfDrive® repeats exactly With a travel accuracy of 5 cm, teach-in or A-B line travel can be carried out very precisely, thus improving the quality of work with exactly matching results in repeat operations.

  6. KÖPPL SelfDrive® increases work performance Since adjacent tracks can be used for repeating or extending on straight A-B tracks with high repeat accuracy, the speed can be increased.

  7. KÖPPL SelfDrive® is sustainable Because there is the option of retrofitting older machines with current technology, the ecological mowing of partial areas is simplified and fuel savings are achieved through efficient processing distances.


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