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Köppl eMobility - the new eDrive

Köppl has already been awarded in 2017 not only for the eDrive concept, but also for its special concept of efficient power transmission to the PTO, the ergonomic handle control via EasyDrive or the ground-saving Turnaround active steering: all innovations that can also be found in the eMobility implements.

More than 125 years of continuous development and over 50 years of experience with mower drives and carrier vehicles have resulted in numerous Köppl innovations. The development focus has always been on developing durable, long-lasting and robust devices that prove themselves in all situations. The eMobility devices from Köppl are the logical further development of this sustainability claim. And of course, all the innovations from the previous devices are also in the eMobility devices.


  • The entry-level 48 V/40 Ah for the Compakt Easy eDrive

  • Professional Power 48 V/150 Ah for the Compakt Comfort eDrive

  • High Performance 48 V/210 Ah for the Compakt Comfort eDrive

Battery runtimes

The Köppl battery and motor management system reliably ensures that the battery's charging capacity remains at 80% even after thousands of operating hours. A sign of sustainability that, depending on the battery system, exceeds the runtime of a conventional drive.

Köppl eMobility always with fast chargers

To keep you mobile, Köppl eMobility gives you the choice between chargers with 10 A (already included for Compakt Easy eDrive, CEE), 20 A (CEE) and our optimised 50 A fast charger for the Compakt Comfort eDrive (CCE).

Sustainable from the ground up

Both Köppl eMobility carrier vehicles and attachments are manufactured with a focus on ecology. This includes the selection of materials from renewable and durable materials and the generation of the company's own renewable electricity for manufacturing. All eMobility implements also benefit from the efficient power transmission principle of all Köppl implements. Because the experienced Köppl design means that the optimum power always reaches the attachments.

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