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ELIET introduces the MAESTRO COUNTRY battery-powered shredder

ELIET responds to the trend of electrification for environmentally friendly solutions and introduces the MAESTRO COUNTRY with battery operation. To this end, ELIET has entered into an exclusive partnership with the EGO brand.

The power source is a 3200 W brushless DC motor. It draws its energy from a choice of battery options from the EGO range. Specifically, there are two different battery options to choose from, Li-ion battery 56V-5Ah and Li-ion battery 56V-10Ah.

The feed hopper of the steel chassis is removable so that the unit can be stored in an extremely space-saving manner. The MAESTRO model chops branches up to 45 mm thick and performs 36,000 chopping movements per minute. Chipping is done according to the proven Eliet Axe Principle™, which chops the material in the direction of the fibres. For this purpose, the cutterhead is equipped with 12 knives that can be resharpened by the operator when installed.

This new MAESTRO COUNTRY AKKU is the perfect solution for the environmentally conscious hobby gardener!

Compact storage

To be able to transport the Maestro easily in the boot of a vehicle, the filler funnel can be completely removed. This is done in no time at all and requires no tools. In this way, the machine can be stored in a very compact and space-saving way after the work is done.



4,5 PS AKKU 56V DC (3200 W)

Maximum branch thickness

45 mm

Number of chopping movements per minute


Work output (wheelbarrows/hour)


Number of knives

RESIST™/6 (12 Stk.)

Import hopper

1200 mm

Dimensions folded (LxWxH)

740 x 650 x 1050 mm


63 kg

Matching batteries

Matching chargers


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